Street Series

Street Series

Street Series is Rooms Studio’s ongoing collection. In this collection historic references applied to their previous work (Bus Stop and Historic Benches), evolve into exploration of un-authored utilitarian furniture found in the streets of their hometown -Tbilisi. These incidental objects, assembled out of pure necessity, with  materials  accessible on the spot, are the focal point of Rooms Studio’s observation and visual starting point for their new body of work.

 In the two objects, titled after the city areas, they were observed in Silver Street Bench and Dry Bridge Daybed – Toloraia and Janberidze use salvaged Oak and Aluminum. Guided by the improvisation process and by working closely with the local artisans, the duo blends the borders between pre- designed and spontaneous. 

Metal-covered Polygon Desk (Oak and Aluminum) uses a similar technique. With the usage of just one geometric form The Polygon Desk was assembled using  five identical shaped pieces with its preliminary model born out of experimentation with the canvas wedges and silver duct tape.

Rooms Studio
(C) 2022

Ph: David Meskhi, Claire Dorn


Aluminum, Reclaimed Oak