Night of a Hunter

Night of a Hunter

Rooms Studio for cc- tapis

A collection of rugs that have been hand-knotted in Nepal by Tibetan Artisans.

Rugs are deeply rooted in Georgian culture and have been an inseparable part of everyday life for centuries. This collaboration tells the story of old Georgian rugs hand-made by local women in the villages high up into the Caucasus Mountains. Here you can touch the starry sky and become one with the universe, and the universe becomes one with you. This story is a primitive expression of feelings invoked by wilderness; Its beauty and the mystery of its invisible energy - illustrated in the simple lines, words and numbers in the rugs.

Reinterpreting authentic Georgian Rug motifs, Rooms Studio fuses design and history into this small-curated selection of rugs. "A rug in itself is a magical object, but for us, it is also a symbol of cultural heritage and a chance to explore both history and magic."

Rooms Studio
(C) 2018


Ph: Mattia Iotti


Cotton Weave, Himalayan Wool Pile