Mirror Series

Mirror Series

"Simplicity is not achieved by shapes or materials only, staying humble and having a calm state of mind is a big part of it." Objects from our Mirror Series act like interactive sculptures, that constantly change by reflecting their surroundings and yet they maintain lightness and poise by bringing out the inner piece.

Using just mirror and brass (or wood), Invisible Brass Table and Invisible Wood table feel like a hide and reveal. Those mirrored pieces look constant and strong whilst they carry mystical and unpredictable appearances. Simplicity opposed to the intricacy and unorthodox approach to every day has led us to the Invisible Side Table, which blends conceptual with the simple.

Mostly, our designs reflect our moods and memories. Growing up in the Soviet era has inspired us to create Medallion Mirrors - a blown up humorist replicas of the Soviet Medallions. These wall mirrors are ironic and carry nostalgic remainders from our childhood.

Remaining constant and strong whilst being able to adapt to everyday life is the state that we want to achieve.

Rooms Studio
(C) 2015

Ph: Guram Kapanadze


Brass, Mirror, Steel, Wood