Life on Earth

Life on Earth

"It is important to realize that whatever we do or design has iconographic references, it comes from somewhere; any form is always metaphorical, never totally metaphysical; it is never a 'destiny' but always a fact with some kind of historical reference. To put an object on a base means to monumentalize it, to make everyone aware it exists"

Ettore Sottsass

The new collection, created for the Milan Design Week 2018, is the result of the designers’ intricate observation of things, that are usually taken for granted. By merging geometric and organic forms, the collection is an expression of their state of mind. It comes from the willingness to be more aware of what lies beneath the objects created centuries ago, and how they endured time. The idea was to reiterate the fact that nothing really changes. 

Permanence is a leitmotif that runs through the whole collection. By always seeking something new and unfamiliar, we are rarely fully aware of what is around us at any given moment. That’s why we decided to capture the simple forms of our daily life and freeze them in time - to “monumentalize” them. This collection is all about celebrating the Life on Earth.

The collection consists of 12 products. In addition to their collective impact, each one is a one-of-a-kind sculptural piece. These handmade objects are hard to describe but easier to experience. Organic contradictions of life are translated into materials used in the collection, such as various natural stones that are juxtaposed with the combined composite materials. By bringing humour and surprising twists into the collection, the designers wanted to make the whole experience of “life on Earth” more entertaining.

The stone pieces in the collection are made in collaboration with the artist David Natidze and the Georgian stone company Kamara.

Rooms Studio
(C) 2018

David Natidze

Ph: Guram Kapanadze, Mattia Iotti


Diabase Stone, French Lime Stone, Composite Material, Eklar Stone