Wild Minimalism

Wild Minimalism

By launching our first sculpture furniture of the Wild Minimalism collection in 2016 and adding new pieces continuously, we became aware that we came up with a new direction - first to unearth Georgia's contemporary design language.

The handmade and raw quality of the pieces is an ode to the centuries-old Georgian craftsmanship. Wild Minimalism is a mix of ethnic, primitive shapes and architectural forms of the Soviet Era. Using wood and stone carving techniques, passed down from our ancestors, we want to catch a "simple bliss of life" and create something very simple but wild at the same time - a design that is rooted in the archaic but feels modern and authentic in everyday life.

2017-2018 collections of Wild Minimalism consist of 12 pieces, human-made feel and symbolic shapes that tell stories behind them. Lover's sofa, Wood Beam Console, Triple bench, Sculptural chairs etc. are present in our partner galleries and showrooms across the globe.

Rooms Studio
(C) 2017 - 2018

Ph: Guram Kapanadze, Mattia Iotti, Tina Asatiani


Reclaimed Oak, Eklar stone, Brass, Mirror, Metal