Sacral Geometry

Sacral Geometry

Sacral Geometry is a clash between Solid and Fluid, Permanent and Fleeting.

The collection is a play with juxtaposition of strong and almost basic structural shapes with its unexpected and ever so sensitive wax material. By creating a conflict between rigid forms and material fragility the whole collection becomes a provocative ritual.

It is an attempt to solidify and capture something, that melts and evaporates into an immortal form. Endowed with the sensory power, the objects become an outer expression of human's everlasting Inner Conflict on mortality. Thus, the collection turns into a meditation on the idea of transcendence.

Each wax cast object has the form reduced to its most essential, but together they create a geometrical union, that is charged with function and symbolic meaning.

Rooms Studio and Shotiko Aptsiauri
(C) 2021

Ph: Tina Asatiani