DNA Archives

DNA Archives

Going back to the essence of what is undeniably in our DNA, it’s an inner journey, exploring the blueprint of our visual memory. Handcrafting and reflecting on our visual experiences and hidden ‘DNA treasures’, we translate the hypnotic 1001 Nights, the great antiquity of Empire Style and our imagination into the primitive, unconventional shapes.

The whole collection is a balance, or a conversation between the objects that carry different attitudes, shapes and volumes expressed by contrasting brutalist furniture, fluffy blankets from careless childhood and simple geometric objects. It is a monument to everything human, down to human body parts, intuition, clarity of mind and simplicity.

Revival, game-play, irony and monumentality - are the concepts explored and expressed through sculpted and hand-carved pieces like - Cave Side Table, Guard Pedestals, Oversized Chess Table, King Size Sofa, Mother Vessel and Historical Benches (their final look was revealed after the public interaction by adding their names and short messages onto them during the exhibition). A capsule collection of Dowry Blankets consists of three pieces - Pray, Love and Spring. Simplistic metal shapes bound our Simple Chairs, Armored Table and Metal Armchair into a more linear part of the collection, that is pure, geometric and minimal.

DNA Archives is an endless process of trying to comprehend hidden treasures and complex instincts of humankind. The collection consists of 17 objects.

The Cave Side Table is a collaboration with sculptor David Natidze.

Rooms Studio
(C) 2019

Ph: Guram Kapanadze


Reclaimed Oak, Clay, Black metal, Glass, Textile, Composite material and Eklar stone.