Someplace Else

Someplace Else

Rooms Studio with: 
Shotiko Aptsiauri
Salome Chigilashvili
Mariana Chkonia

Someplace Else is a body of work, experimentation and pandemic improvisation.  It is a contemplative dialogue between Rooms Studio and three Georgian artists - Shotiko Aptsiauri, Salome Chigilashvili and Mariana Chkonia.

Considering work from the perspective of another discipline and following the collaborative rhythms, this delicate energy exchange, that acted as an escape route from forced isolation, gave birth to the objects shown at this presentation.

Shotiko Aptsiauri x Rooms Studio
Sacral Geometry

Sacral Geometry is a clash between Solid and Fluid, Permanent and Fleeting.

The collection is a play with juxtaposition of strong and almost basic structural shapes with its unexpected and ever so sensitive wax material. By creating a conflict between rigid forms and material fragility the whole collection becomes a provocative ritual. It’s an attempt to solidify and capture something, that melts and evaporates into an immortal form. Endowed with the sensory power, the objects become an outer expression of human’s everlasting Inner Conflict on mortality.  Thus, the collection turns into a meditation on the idea of transcendence. Each wax cast object has the form reduced to its most essential, but together they create a geometrical union, that is charged with function and symbolic meaning.


Salome Chigilashvili  x Rooms Studio
Two-sided Gateway


Two-sided Gateway is a collaboration between Rooms Studio and Salome Chigilashvili. Embroidery on the plaster folding screen forms one whole body. The artwork, which divides the space into two pieces is bilateral. With its visual language, both sides create kind of a “portal”, an “entrance”. Imaginary double sided door has the purpose to awaken impulses, different feelings in the viewer, and to help them drain and replenish various energies.


Mariana Chkonia  x Rooms Studio


Using ancient hand-made felt making techniques, that are part of cultural heritage of Georgia, these rugs are made with both wet and dry felting. The use of organic material (wool)  and the transformative process, that has as alchemical quality, is what drew us to this material. Exploring the notion that felt used to be art and a necessity is also something that sparked our curiosity.  These organic felt artworks by Mariana Chkonia and Rooms Studio are both primal and contemporary and embody a sensory experience.

Rooms Studio, Shotiko Aptsiauri, Salome Chigilashvili, Mariana Chkonia
(C) 2021

Ph: Levan Maisuradze


Wax, Felt, Embroidery on Polymer / Plaster