In Circulation

In Circulation

In Circulation is the union of unique pieces by Rooms Studio, presented at Design Miami 2019.

In this collection, the Rooms Studio gives a second life to the iconic and forgotten public objects of native Georgian ethnic design of different eras. By bringing them back to life and deconstructing them, they gain a modern and radically different visual style and function. These objects become modern sculptures with a long history behind them.

The latter became the inspiration for the Iron Floor Lamp, Iron Chandelier, Stone Carved Supra Coffee Table. In Circulation, explores both the visual appeal of these historic objects as well as the reason behind their "reincarnation".

The Deformed Chess Console and sculpted symbolic Chess pieces translate the idea of deconstruction itself.

Rooms Studio
(C) 2019

Ph: Guram Kapanadze


Terrazzo, Natural River Stones, Reclaimed Oak, Stainless Steel, Black metal